Who We Are

Located in Scarborough, Ontario; EM Dynamics is proudly a 100% Canadian owned and operated contract manufacturer. Our state-of-the art dual facilities include over 130,000 square feet of engineering and production space. In between our walls, we boast industry-leading machinery from world-class providers in both fields of innovation and efficiency.

To operate these machines and breathe life into our projects, it naturally follows that we have an unrivaled team of seasoned engineers and industry-tested technicians leading our frontlines. To add to our team, we recruit the brightest minds in manufacturing through collaborations with the top local university and college programs. Through constant reinvestment in technology and training programs, we ensure that our teams’ knowledge base is not only expansive, but also perpetually growing.

Our core competencies are engineering, precision metal fabrication, CNC machining and integrated assembly. These capabilities are made possible by vertically integrated applications in the following:


  • CNC Profiling (laser, punch, combination)
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • 5-Axis Machining
  • Brake Press/Forming (manual/robotic)
  • Welding (manual/robotic/spotwelding)
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electro-mechanical Assembly
  • PEM insertion
  • Grinding/Polishing/Sandblasting
  • Chromate Conversion Coating (Alodine)
  • Finishing (surface treatment, painting, anodizing, plating, etc.)
  • Logistics/Packaging


For over 50 years, EM Dynamics has been synonymous with pristine product quality.

Many of our valued clients attest to the unmatched levels of commitment, diligence and follow-through that our quality department emanates. By having quality assurance at every operation, we can tend to discrepancies right away before they become fallouts. Through Total-Quality-Management (TQM), we are able to more effectively assess root-cause analysis and devise action plans to ensure smooth sailing at the earliest opportunity.

We recognize the critical importance of system reliability. We proactively mitigate negative impacts of external and internal disturbances while maintaining high quality standards. We identify critical risks and map out processes before implementation. Through extensive documentation protocols, we communicate changes effectively with clients before modifying existing processes. We work proactively with clients to provide confidence and peace of mind.

We offer a diverse portfolio of First-Article Inspection (FAI) reporting capabilities and applications. Whether clients require basic ballooned drawings or in-depth reporting such as PPAP or AS9102; we have the experience, tools and technology to ensure that product conformity is absolute.

Philanthropy at EM Dynamics

Beyond manufacturing, EM Dynamics is an avid participant in local and global communities to help inspire change and continuous growth. We have proudly founded a number of organizations to provide platforms for community members to integrate and excel.