PCB Assembly & SMT

Optimized Solutions Ranging in Scalability

Our procurement and quality teams work in synchronicity to source components from trusted industry leaders

Clients trust EM Dynamics to manage their printed circuit board (PCB) and surface-mount technology (SMT) projects from end-to-end, from napkin-sketch to fully integrating their solution into mating modules.

Our program managers work hand-in-hand with clients in catering to small and large volumes in cost and time effective manners through vertical integration and strategic partnerships. Our component engineers handle full-system design and development of your PCB layout. Full testing capabilities ensure compliance and defect mitigation.

Our integrated assembly experts solder, clean and inspect simple to multi-layered client projects. Our experience in working with a variety of substrate materials provides our clients with a unique advantage in being able to customize solutions to their exact requirements. Other modifiable characteristics include board thickness, PCB dimensionality, tolerances, hole-sizes and many more.