Military & Defence

Generations of Providing Timely Innovation, Support and Delivery

In understanding that time is money, offence, defence and every variable in between, we know that our support has to be just as swift as it is effective.

In an industry where billions of dollars and lives rely on product conformity; strive to partner with a reputable name in mission critical ingenuity, response and delivery. As a certified Controlled Goods Program (CDG) manufacturer for OEMs in military, naval and aerospace sectors, we have been uniquely positioned to provide solutions in harbouring a safer tomorrow.

Our prototyping and NPI capabilities help us provide an advantage in not only speeding up time-to-market but also assuring that we get it right the first time.

We understand that this industry is fueled by both proactive and reactive solutions. Proactively, our design engineers and world-class technicians work diligently with our clients to strengthen your product’s objective goals. After-market analysis and reporting help us understand the necessity for design improvements to adapt to your product’s ever-changing climate.

Reactively speaking, we understand that the demand to ramp up production for large-scale rollout can become prominent at any moment. Our state-of-the-art facility, lights-out operability, scalability and around-the-clock access to materials are a few examples of many strategic advantages that are available to our clients when time is of the essence.      

From precision metal fabrication to complex 5-axis machining and electro-mechanical integration; we ensure that every operation is quality driven and quality assured. It is no secret why global leaders in the defence space continue to trust EM Dynamics components on their helicopters, combat/armoured vehicles, emergency response vehicles, training modules and a variety of shipbuilding programs.