Manufacturing Comfort Through Pristine Product Quality

EM Dynamics understands that product reliability is the essence of the security sector.

We manage a variety of security and threat detection solutions for world-class companies ranging from airport security, military/defence, border control to drones and other commercial applications. Regardless of the end-use, our commitment to quality remains first and foremost.

Fit-form-and-function take centerstage in understanding your application and providing solutions. In a field where durability cannot be overstated, our engineering team provides valuable insight into how we can facilitate a rugged, weathered product that can withstand adversity within its respective environment.

There is an immense importance to partner with a reputable manufacturer that has generations of experience with a diversity of materials. Our technicians and state-of-the-art machines alike are equipped with the knowhow and capacity to profile, machine, form, weld and finish a variety of metals, plastics and other materials. We look forward to helping our clients choose the one that best meets their purpose, budget and timelines.

We run full product testing to ensure that our clients are delivered a reliable solution. Pristine quality and functionality are ensured from electrical controls to material stress testing. For over 50 years, our components have been trusted to support the technologies that protect our loved ones and give breath to our future endeavours.