EV Charging

Reshaping a Carbon-Zero Future

EV Charging is growing rapidly as both an industry as well as a necessity.

As the automobile industry is going through a carbonic revolution, competition amongst vehicle manufacturers to support electronic means of transport is at an unrelenting high.

We are here to provide sustenance for the growth of the green sector and OEM’s that need reputable one-stop-shop solutions. We both understand and cater to the challenging lead-times and iterations required of suppliers to this field. Our prototyping and NPI options help bring your solutions to life in a time effective manner. Our design-for-manufacturability (DFM) applications help equip your ideas with direction and seamless repeatability. We are here to get it right the first time.

By practicing consumer consciousness, we introduce aesthetically-forward solutions that exemplify ease-of-use and practicality. Whether the usage is indoor or outdoor, our team ensures that the design, material and functionality speak directly to your product’s requirements. As a brief example, for outdoor applications we use durable materials, with leakproof profiles and coating/surface treatments that are proven to outlast the elements, whereas indoor applications may have more options in catering to aesthetics rather than durability.

Our advantages far exceed simply perfecting the profile. Clients put their trust in our electro-mechanical assembly capabilities to fully integrate their solution. We commonly integrate power supplies, sensors, switches, fans, cable and wire assemblies, PCB, safety controls and many more to further boast our vertical integration. We offer a variety of full testing options to ensure that your products meet industry standards, compliancy and customer requirements.