Building a growing sense of community through sport and mentorship

The very same principles that hold foremost in the workplace in terms of leadership, teamwork and continuous growth are the same seeds that we continue to harvest amongst community programs. A passion for athletics in combination with an undying emphasis on the importance of health and physical activity continues to motivate us to invest in the power of sport.

We have founded several programs that support development at both the grassroots as well as elite levels of performance. Our grassroots program help provide more opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders to participate in sports. These olive branches allow children to learn about the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle as well the promotion of lifelong skills such as comradery and determination. Whereas our support of elite programs provides athletes the opportunity to compete at provincial, national and global levels to become the best that they can be.

Our growing footprint Canadian footprint is matched by the efforts we make abroad. In the near future, we hope that our investments in infrastructure, sport and community are less unique than they have proven to be historically. We continue to motivate our clients, suppliers and other business partners to find similar passions to fund and help prosper.

We continue to support local foundations that have been championed by like-minded organizers in our communities such as SickKids, the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Association, the World Wildlife Foundation, the Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation and many more. Below, we have detailed a few of the foundations that our management team have directly helped come to fruition and maintain.

Local Sport

GS United Women’s Program

The GS United Women’s’ Program has been successful in their endeavours as both a soccer team and as a vibrant community. In the last decade, the Ontario Soccer Association has recognized the demand for establishing higher quality women’s’ soccer programs to provide our athletes with a chance to compete with elite programs around the world. As a non-profit organization, GS United Soccer Club has provided a window of opportunity for these promising athletes for them to leverage in terms of training, facilities, experience and connections. The program has seen multiple back-to-back Ontario Cup championships, along with capturing the domestic league and cup on several occasions. Several women from the program have been recruited by major universities and have represented their nation in international competitions. The program continues to peak both competitively and collectively. The ambitions of these young women and the organization alike are guaranteed to continue breaking new barriers and attaining to the highest levels of excellence.

GS United Men’s Program

GS United is a Toronto based non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality soccer programs to all ages of development. The Senior Men’s teams have been the source of several triumphs since the clubs’ inauguration in 1990. Though the intangible achievements of the club far exceed the necessity for silverware, the club has won every accolade offered at the amateur sports level in Canada including the Canada Nation Championship, the Ontario Cup, The Quebec-Ontario Cup and several other domestic and individual achievements. The club has helped nurture many athletes to attain to university scholarships, represent their respective national teams and sign professional contracts overseas. The family environment at GS United provides a habitat for learning, growth, and prosperity. The rich history of the club has developed an organic support system that provides members with encouragement, guidance and the tools to be progressive on and off of the soccer field.

Contributions Abroad

Village of Chakar, Punjab

The small village of Chakar in rural Punjab faces degenerative problems that are commonplace amongst third-world societies. There is a lack of clean water and resources as well as a generation deprived of hope and cohesion. Our clean water and irrigation initiatives have thoroughly transformed the access to resources of the local villagers by constructing an innovative sewerage system and water ducts throughout the village. The goal was not only to provide resource but to ultimately bring together a people that were disjointed and uninspired. As belief ignited through the streets, volunteers came in flocks to help work endless hours in the exasperating warmth of the Indian climate. However, it does not stop at Chakar. When people visit Chakar and see how a lost and divided village was able to find its bearings; neighbouring villages will hopefully come together to make India a land of promise.

Sher-E Punjab Sports Academy

The Sher-E Punjab Sports Academy is located in the village of Chakar, in Punjab. It was developed to combat the criminal, drug and alcoholic futility that majorly effects youths in Punjab and other third-world communities. Synonymously with the introduction of the new facility came an introduction of another option for youths in Chakar. The three main sporting focuses of the facility are boxing, athletics, and soccer. The success of the academy is undermined by the global, national, and state triumphs that the athletes have begun to attain to. Likewise, we hope that by creating this model academy, we have inspired others around the globe to provide economic relief to impoverished and downtrodden communities that require foreign aid.