System Build

We Manage Complete System Builds; End-to-End

From first sketch to delivery, we keep your solution in-house to ensure that product quality is untampered and unaffected.

We offer peace-of-mind and flexibility in catering to your project’s exact requirements in terms of design, shape, components and integration.

Starting from a client design, we build the chassis from scratch and continue onwards by filling the solution, component-by-component. We build custom enclosures with the same promise to high-quality precision metal fabrication that has paved the way for over 50 years of manufacturing.

Our procurement team works avidly with our electro-mechanical technicians to ensure that all components being integrated in the system build are sourced from trusted suppliers. We then bring life to the mechanical properties by populating them with fully-integrated enclosures and cable assemblies that have been thoroughly tested for compliance and functionality by electrical engineers.