Electro-Mechanical Assembly

The Tools and Expertise to Bring your Mechanical Application to Life

We design, manufacture and integrate electromechanically compliant systems ranging from simple to highly complexity.

Our expert technicians are trained to facilitate electrical and mechanical integration by uniting their comprehensive understanding of industry standards with a thorough review of customer requirements. Their day-to-day work exercises advanced levels of coordination and attention to detail in working with fine tools and apparatus. During the testing phase, assemblies are meticulously audited to ensure that they meet customer standards as well as ESD compliancy.

The most common electronic components that we integrate in our assemblies include but are not limited to cable and wire assemblies, DIN rails, power supplies, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), sensors, switches, fans and safety mechanisms.

As a CSA/UL certified company; our clients trust us to design, build and fully integrate their enclosure and cabinet requirements from napkin-sketch to delivery. 

Our services provide our clients great comfort in being able to single-source their mechanical and electromechanical needs with a company reputable for integrating tens-of-thousands of assemblies for world-class organizations.