Functional Test

Testing Capabilities to Transcend Conformity

By understanding each product’s end-use, our team is able to understand the client’s testing requirements.

Our functional testing capabilities are in-place to ensure that integrated assemblies, sub-assemblies and system builds meet customer requirements both in-process as well as at the end-of-line. Although our procurement and quality assurance teams work diligently to ensure that all components sourced as well as manufactured that go into each assembly meet client specifications; our functional tests examine the performance of the entire assembly and not just its components.

As another facet of our vertical integration, our clients are greatly comforted by the cost and time savings that they receive in opting for EM Dynamics functional testing. Whereas third parties are left to bridge the gap between purpose, components and means of electro-mechanical integration; we have an end-to-end understanding of the entire client assembly given our full control from design to packaging.