Helping Empower a Greener Tomorrow

Our capabilities help maximize the efficiency that the renewable energy industry relies on.

We have vast experience in several areas of power generation and in unison with a seasoned engineering team, cutting-edge technologies and dedicated technicians, we can support the ever-expanding sector of renewable power. As new technologies and nuances in the industry come to the manufacturing forefront, our capacity ensures that we are ready to be your partners in NPI, engineering, production and supply chain management.

We understand the importance of contributing to an ultimately ‘greener’ environment and developing proactive attitudes to these integral times in environmental awareness. We participate in several economically enriching programs and house solar panels on our rooftop in an agreement to create more sustainable energy in Ontario. For these reasons alongside our vast manufacturing capabilities, we make a great partner in projects increasing our dexterity in the power industry and decreasing our ecological footprint.

We are a full-service provider with experience in the petrochemical, mining, power generation, solar, and commercial markets. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities give us the capacity to tackle various levels of production in the energy sector. In the realm of power generation, efficiency is the most critical component. Our product engineering, integrated assembly, experienced technicians and stern controls on quality are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize resource over-expenditure.

We provide manufacturing support for several outlets in the power generation industry and offer a wide variety of services to each of these diverse markets. Our initiatives in power are to offer our clients support from product integration to completion as well as help plot a greener and more renewable avenue for the future. A dedicated research and development team works hand-in-hand with you to provide you with all of the technical innovations as well as a thorough investigation into how we can reduce carbon footprints through a quality stringent process flow.