Powder Coating & Finishing

Competitive Advantages in Product Appeal and Protection

Our finishing capabilities are a proud focal point of our vertical integration.

Finishing applications such as Sandblasting and Polishing are integral to clients demanding blemish-free finishes on natural products. Whereas our expertise in coating-based finishes adds essential value to clients looking to equip their products with surface protection and/or aesthetic appeal. Examples of these finishes include but are not limited to painting, chromate conversion coating, anodizing and zinc plating.

In terms of powder coating, we work with industry specialists to offer clients a wide-array of paints to finish their respective products. Our team is well-versed in aligning industry and environment-specific paints with client requirements. Whether the part requires MIL-spec paint, weather-tested coatings or high-gloss for museum-grade components, EM Dynamics is your one-stop shop for solutions.