Enhancing Consumer Experience Through Optimized Engineering

As the entertainment industry evolves and proceeds to reimagine itself, EM Dynamics’ vertical integration continues to be the constant that OEMs trust.

Over the years, we have seen drastic shifts in the realms of projection, digital signage, self-service kiosks, frames and enclosures. For generations, we have been the one-stop-shop that has been able to turn a napkin-sketch into reality.

The advantage has always been three-fold in mitigating cost, expediting time-to-market and controlling product quality. The introduction of third-parties incurs extra costs and excessive times in transit. Most critically, the onus on product quality can often get lost in translation. By keeping the vast majority of operations in-house, we ensure that with EM Dynamics, all operations are quality-centric and quality-driven.

Our electro-mechanical assembly technicians equip your solution with power supplies, wiring/cable assemblies, PCBs, fans and many other components to bring your product to life. Our team provides extensive testing solutions to ensure that performance meets your expectations.

From single components to fully-integrated assemblies; we manage your projects with the experience and thoroughness that has been a key contributor to our clients’ successes in generations past and present.