EV Chargers

Re-Engineering the Future of Travel

We partner with global leaders in promoting environmentally-forward solutions for the future of the automotive industry.

We offer our clients quality EV units both fully-integrated as well as frame-only units that are ready-to-integrate.

Frames are exceptionally designed with durability in mind to withstand corrosion, precipitation, extreme weather and dust. Cabling systems are designed to coil out and back effortlessly with quality materials that are designed to stand the test of time and overuse. Customizability in design aesthetics and contours promote brand awareness and leave clients in the driver’s seat to ensure that their solution has all the unique features that they may require.

Every component is tested for function and compliancy by our integrated assembly technicians. Constant investment and research in the most advanced charging technologies provides our clients with comfort knowing that their unit will outperform the competition. Our team equips integrated kiosks with displays from industry leaders such as Samsung and LG, using anti-reflective tempered glass solutions that increase consumer ease-of-use.