Paving the Future for Faster, Safer and More Economical Travel

Our clients rely on us to provide continuous production of the components that control and sustain the movement of people and product.

For decades, local, national and global transit companies and systems have been dependant on EM Dynamics to provide parts that consumers can rely on to complete their commute with peace-of-mind.

An understanding that the transportation industry is unrelenting in its consumptions of parts and technology ensures that we are built to handle scheduled volumes with the scalability to ramp up production when necessary. Our 130,000 square foot dual-facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to mitigate machine downtime and eliminate resource bottlenecks. Our comprehensive ERP system in unison with industry-tested planners ensure seamless scheduling and delivery.

Our procurement ensures stringent component screening to ensure that every nut and bolt used on our products and assemblies is from a world-class supplier. Through dual sourcing, smart scheduling and by having state-of-the-art resources at our disposal; we ensure that every delivery meets client expectations in terms of both time and quality.  

As the transportation industry evolves and offers new infrastructure to move us to-and-fro, we continue to facilitate the essential components that ensure that your ride is smooth and swift.