A Rich History of Diverse, Quality-Driven Solutions

Our industrial clients range vastly in their product purpose, size and function.

Given our vertical integration, we are able to provide custom solutions to OEM’s and clients looking for a single-source manufacturing hub backed by over 50 years of reputability.

Engineering is at the centre of all of our operations, as well as our success. Many of our clients start their project by visiting our facility to fully comprehend our machinery, our work and our advantage. Sitting with our experienced engineering team, they are able to develop a better understanding of how EM Dynamics can enhance their vision and cater to objectives in meeting competitive price and delivery goals.

Industrial applications often demand durability in material and function. By understanding your product’s audience or environment, our engineering team ensures that your solution is developed to outlast harsh conditions through an expert understanding of materials, coatings, surface treatments in conjunction with pressure testing and compliancy to industry standards.

Our core competencies are engineering, metal fabrication, CNC machining and integrated assembly. We surround these capabilities with world-class resources, sub-competencies and seasoned technicians to ensure that our clients are beneficiaries of end-to-send solutions. Automated machines and processes govern lights off operability and support our clients from the prototype stage to large-scale rollouts.