Rapidly Growing Demand Requires Proven, Dynamic Support

EM Dynamics is a proud partner to the autonomous revolution which continues to exponentially expand in both innovation and industrial support.

As the dependency on robotic solutions climbs at an unequivocal rate, EM Dynamics understands that leaders in this sector need experienced contract manufacturers to breathe expertise into their product designs, builds and improvements.

Our comprehension of your robot far exceeds manufacturing components, covers and enclosures. By understanding your machine’s purpose, technology and capacity – we can better conceptualize which mechanical and electro-mechanical applications will provide an advantage. We have several case studies to exemplify how we were able to enhance our clients’ robots from aesthetic features to performance metrics.

Our true vertical integration allows our Robotics clientele to leverage our electronic integration expertise and continuous support. Design for Automated Assembly (DFAA) applications deliver industry leading reliability in boasting functionality whilst meeting sub-millimetre tolerances. We have consistently exceeded client goals in manufacturing solutions with high productivity by reducing cycle-time and downtime.