Proven Quality Systems Govern Part Reliability

Manufacturing parts for the Aerospace sector implies an absolute commitment to product quality.

Billions of dollars and most importantly, human lives rely on the fit, form and function of our products. This very principle governs our quality-centric approach in design, testing and analysis. The wealth of experience shared amongst our engineers and technicians guarantees a welcome space for Aerospace Engineers to brainstorm, evaluate design and bring ambitions to reality.

We understand the immense importance of reliable prototyping solutions for an industry that is defined by time-to-market metrics. We offer a library of solutions that fit your requirements from additive manufacturing (3D printing) to a catalogue of CNC Machines from laser profiling to 5-axis machining. Our engineering team provides invaluable support in deliberating between materials, features and coatings. As an example, in most Aerospace applications, product weight is detrimental to functionality. We may suggest several techniques to optimize lightweight manufacturing such as selecting a lighter material within the scope of reliability, thin-walled welding and in-depth DFM analysis to further mitigate excessive vertices.

Our commitment to product quality extends far beyond our operations. We ensure that we partner with world-class suppliers that meet the stringent certification, criteria and quality that we expect from our own products. We understand that the nature of the Aerospace industry demands documentation at every stage of procurement, design and production for the purpose of root-cause-analysis. We pride ourselves on our commitment to unwavering document control in securing material and compliance reports to ensure traceability throughout the process.